Getting Out of Heroin: Your Options Now

Manual therapies are one of the most widespread forms of known healing and that rebalance both physically and emotionally. As the research on physiotherapy has evolved the number of techniques that professionals have available to treat patients’ disorders has grown. Among these techniques there are manual therapies, manipulations performed by the hands of the physiotherapist, to evaluate the patient (evaluate joint mobility, tone, muscle strength …) or to treat it (through massages, mobilizations, joint manipulations) .

Seeing how the human body can experience changes that occur when manual therapy is applied is a really interesting and relevant fact. Therefore manual therapies are an important tool in the physiotherapist’s work. If you want to know more, then a visit to is a must.

To be able to diagnose and treat various problems tact is used and among the main benefits of these therapies we can highlight that:

  • They provide a state of relaxation and rest with a consequent decrease in stress and anxiety.
  • They increase the well-being and quality of life of the patient.
  • They help fight insomnia.
  • They relax muscles and contractures.
  • Reactivation of blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • They reduce muscle recovery time
  • They give greater elasticity to the muscles.
  • They prevent injuries.
  • They improve the elasticity of the skin and have firming effects.
  • They improve joint mobility.
  • They reduce fatigue associated with muscle fatigue.
  • They produce a general improvement of the physical-emotional state

The multitude of scientific studies carried out prove the benefits of manual therapy , but this is not a new concept because if we focus on its origins, the first written document on manual therapy dates back to China 3000 years ago.

Throughout history, many different cultures have benefited from the effects of manual therapy and many scientists who have shown it continue to demonstrate the great variety of benefits that this technique offers us.

Massage as a manual therapy

There is a direct relationship between manual treatments and massages. Massages bring us a great deal of benefits.

Our instinct leads us quickly to rub the area where we took a hit or feel pain. This simple fact is good for the body. So, if it is good to rub ourselves up, how much better will a professional massage the area where we feel pain? Or just enjoy a relaxing massage with essential oils? We eliminate the idea that we should only do a massage when we have a problem.

Because of the poor posture in front of the computer, the hours we spend in traffic and the constant stress we have become addicted to, the muscles tend to contract, causing pain, inflammation and agglomeration in the muscle fibers. This annoyance is known as muscle contracture; it prevents us from concentrating and limits our daily activities.